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Risk Management Services

Non-insurance services for successful individuals.

Risk management services in Cleveland, Ohio and throughout the United States.

You’ve worked hard to build the life you’ve always wanted. A large home on a private estate, the collection of antique cars in a luxury garage, a private yacht – it’s all yours. But it can be threatened in an instant. With complete discretion and professionalism, we’ll gain a full understanding of where you’re vulnerable so that we can help protect you and your family.

Your high net worth can make you a target and your business activities can put you in harm’s way, often through no fault of your own. Our risk management services will give you peace of mind and financial protection from the unexpected.

Risk Management

Risk management goes beyond insurance in that it’s about planning for and mitigating potential business risks, aside from a policy that pays out when suffering a loss. The two work hand-in-hand together, but it’s important to understand that risk management is all about planning and strategizing for the long-term of your business.

Human Resources and Risk Management for Domestic Staff

Sterling Coverage provides access to professional background screening services for domestic staff on an annual basis, exclusive advice with professional vendors that can provide professional guidance on the creation of employee handbooks and other risk management recommendations protecting you and your family from reputational damage and expensive liability issues.

Art, Jewelry, and Collectible Appraisals

As a Sterling client, you will receive exclusive access to professional appraisers in Cleveland, Ohio and around the country who can provide you with accurate values for your private collections. We can connect you with the right professionals in your area with the expertise and knowledge required to evaluate your valuables – fine jewelry, wine collections, fine arts, antiques, and other collectibles.

Property Inspections

Luxury homes require knowledgeable risk consultants to appraise and inspect your property. That’s why we partner with more experienced Risk Consultants that are professionally trained in all features of residential construction and building costs in your area. These inspections will ensure that your home and all of its unique features and distinctive finishes are appropriately appraised to full value.

Wind Mitigation and Coastal Flood Risk Assessment

Coastal and secondary homes have distinct risks that require special valuations. Complimentary with our Sterling services and property inspections, we will provide wind mitigation and coastal flood risk assessments for our clients. Wind mitigation inspections will ensure that all appropriate credits are applied to your homeowner’s insurance policy and helps reduce costly damage during hurricanes or windstorms. Flood risk assessments evaluate your unique risk from flood in order to provide you with a comprehensive insurance program customized to your individual circumstances.

Concierge Claim Service

Sterling Coverage provides broader protection with premium insurers that look for ways to say “yes.” Throughout every step of the claim process, we will be there to make sure that you can get back in your home or car as soon as possible, without sacrificing the lifestyle that you are accustomed to. Our insurers provide expanded coverage for rental reimbursement, original equipment manufacturers part for cars, guaranteed replacement cost coverage for your home, and extended coverage for you when a claim makes your home temporarily unlivable.

Customized Communication Plan

In partnership with you, we will create a Customized Communication Plan that fits with your busy schedule. Whether you want regular updates on your insurance program or annual reviews, we will adapt a specialized program to keep you apprised of any updates to your insurance. We also work closely with financial advisors, family offices, and financial agencies to ensure an exceptional solution for your insurance needs.

Dedicated Service Team

Our Sterling service team is experienced with the unique circumstances and risk challenges of successful families and individuals. Our trusted insurance advisors at Sterling specialize in customizing an insurance program for premier clients with substantial assets. They will work with you directly on all aspects of your personalized insurance program.

Access to Vendors Network

Our national vendors network consists of a list of preferred service providers that are committed to protecting your assets. We will provide complimentary referrals to professional contractors, fine art and jewelry appraisers, art restoration specialists, pre-qualified repair shops, alarm and security companies, arborists, and personal security professionals.

Complimentary Policy Review

With a few clicks, you can request a Complimentary Policy Review from our experienced insurance advisors. We will review your existing program, identify and eliminate coverage gaps, and determine and mitigate potential risks to ensure that your assets are properly protected. If you’re interested in a complimentary policy review tailored specifically for your needs, please click here.