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Why You Should Have Wildfire Insurance

By November 13, 2018August 4th, 2021Risk Management Services

Protecting Your Home with Wildfire Defense Services

Wildfires have been raging recently, devastating homes in wealthy communities like Malibu and destroying more than 7,600 structures, many of them private homes. Many people are unaware that additional risk management services, such as Wildfire Defense, are offered by many premier insurers and, many times, these services cost nothing to enroll.

What are Wildfire Defense Services?

Wildfire Defense Services are offered in many areas with a high propensity of wildfires. These services are available to eligible clients to help protect homes and belongings when wildfires are approaching. Generally, homes must be insured for over $1,000,000 with a qualifying premier insurer (Chubb, Pure, AIG, and Cincinnati Insurance), although there are exceptions. Many premier insurers contract with experienced professionals that work closely with local authorities to monitor wildfires in the area. Professionals are then dispatched to perform precautionary measures at homes when there is a pending threat of a wildfire.

These service providers may install temporary sprinklers, remove combustible items and outdoor furniture, and, in come cases, apply a non-damaging fire-retardant gel or foam suppressant to your home and landscaping. These pre-fire emergency response services help reduce the severity of property damage caused by a wildfire at your home. They will also provide ongoing monitoring and real-time updates as wildfires approach and protection specialists are dispatched.

How do I enroll?

In many areas prone to wildfires, premier insurers offer clients the option to enroll in complimentary Wildfire Defense Services, at no extra cost. It is important to contact a trusted insurance advisor to see if this coverage is available in your area and if you are insured with an eligible insurer to qualify.

An insurance advisor at Sterling Coverage can help review your insurance coverage and determine your eligibility for Wildfire Defense Services to ensure that your home, property, and family are better protected before the devastation of a wildfire occurs.

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